Taylor & Selena Have Some Ice Cream Girl Time!

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Taylor Swift is a Vine-ing fiend! After posting her first video snippet on June 19, she’s posted yet another one, but this time she has a very special guest. Showing off the joys of summer time, Taylor and her BFF Selena Gomez indulge in a tasty treat while soaking up the sun. Makes sense that the caption Taylor posted the Vine with reads, “It’s summer, isn’t it..”

The sunglass-clad ladies start off the vid by “cheers”-ing their ice cream cones. (Seriously, how good does that look?) Then, Tay shows off the picturesque setting before asking, “It’s summer? Isn’t it?” To which Selena replies, “It’s summer time!” We’re not exactly sure where the vid was taken, but if we had to guess, it can’t be too far from Taylor’s multi-million dollar Rhode Island estate.

Watch the cute clip above!

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