Comparisons to Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’ & Sarah Bareilles’ ‘Brave’ Continue

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When Katy Perry's latest single "Roar" dropped last week, people were automatically in love with the catchy tune. However, after the dust settled on finally hearing a new KP track, some were surprised at how similar it sounded to Sara Bareilles' song, "Brave." (Take a listen to Katy's single HERE and Sara's HERE and make the comparison yourself.)

In fact, during Taylor Swift's Red Tour stop at Staples Center on Monday evening, the "22" singer decided to bring Sara up on stage to sing "Brave" together, which automatically lead people to think she was "throwing shade" at Katy for ripping off Sara's song.

While we think this was more than likely just Taylor's way of surprising fans, we'll let YOU guys be the judge! Watch the performance above, and tell us what you think in the comments!

See Taylor's other guest that night — Cher Lloyd!

P.S., Teen was on hand for Taylor's second Staples Center show on Tuesday night! Check out our pics below!