Who’s “WANEGBT” About? Ellen DeGeneres Forces Taylor Swift to Look Through Her Ex-Boyfriends (VIDEO)

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This is the most uncomfortable/amazing interview of all time. (Actually, this might win for most uncomfortable, but still. This is a close second.) While promoting her newly-released Red albumTaylor Swift stopped by good friend Ellen DeGeneres‘ show. And we’re so, so thankful that she did because only Ellen could get away with her little game of Tell Us Which Ex-Boyfriend “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” is About. (NOTE: We made up the title, but that’s the gist.) Watch Tay squirm as Taylor LautnerJoe JonasJohn MayerCory Monteith and more pop up on screen. (P.S. Look at her expression for Cory. Guess that really did happen, eh?) Trust us, this will be the best thing you see all day. Who do you think “WANEGBT” is about? Check out the video, then tell us your thoughts in the comments or on our Taylor Swift message board!

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