Taylor Swift to Spill “Cool News” During Monday, August 13th Web Chat

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It’s been two years, guys. Nearly two long years since new Taylor Swift music came out. Yeah, she was featured on B.o.B.’s “Both of Us” single and video recently, and she did have those two songs on The Hunger Games soundtrack, but we’re talking about a full-blown, totally fresh Taylor Swift album. (Where is it??) But maybe it’s coming sooner than you think because tomorrow, Tay’s sharing “cool news” during her web chat! What could it be? That her new CD’s coming out this week? That she’ll be collaborating with Justin Bieber or Selena Gomez? That she wrote a track about her new boyfriend?! Because those would all be pretty freakin’ ‘cool’ in our opinion.

We’ll definitely dish on her special news after it happens, but if you wanna hear it straight from Taylor herself, head to YouTube.com/TaylorSwift on Monday, August 13 (coincidence that it falls on her fave number?) at 7pm ET as she hosts a live Q&A sesh. Get excited, Swifties!

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