Taylor Lautner & His GF Find the Perfect Way to Shut Down Those Gay Rumors

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Last week, Taylor Lautner found himself involved in headlines suggesting that he’s gay, the first in a while (probably because he hasn’t been in the public eye as much). Whether it’s true or not is moot, but he did manage to find the perfect way to get people to back off: by burying his face in his girlfriend’s chest.

In the first-ever trailer for his upcoming parkour-themed film, Tracers, the 22-year-old actor and his real-life girlfriend, Marie Avgeropoulos, engage in full-out, extra steamy makeout sessions (and then some) — multiple times! What a lucky girl. If that doesn’t get Internet trolls to back off, we don’t know what will.

Tracers will be available exclusively on DirecTV January 22, 2015 and in theaters and On Demand March 20, 2015. Is it on your must-see list? Are you excited to see Taylor on the big screen once again? Dish in the comments below!



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