Playlist of the Week: BC Jean’s BFF Playlist! (Exclusive Video)

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You’ve heard her music. You’ve seen her steal the show in the web series, Talent, where she plays The Lying Game‘s Alexandra Chando‘s BFF. But guess what? Now we got the fab BC Jean to get a little bit more personal with us, telling us what songs she’d put on her BFF playlist. And boy did she get personal, talking to us about “big butts” and other intimate stuff. It got PAH-retty intense.

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It’s all in the video above!

What do you think of BC Jean’s music? What about her playlist picks? What’s on your BFF playlist? Spill it!

And PS, if you’re not caught up on Talent yet, you should be! But seriously, if you’re not, catch all the episode recaps right here, and make sure to tune into season 2 of the series happening right now! New eps are on every Tuesday and Thursday!