EXCLUSIVE Chris Colfer and Rebel Wilson in ‘Struck by Lightning’ Blackmail Clip (VIDEO)

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Everyone’s got something to hide. And that totally works to Chris Colfer‘s advantage in this exclusive clip from his film, Struck by Lightning. As you’ve already seen in this video, Chris’ character, Carson Phillips, wants to pursue a career in journalism at Northwestern University after high school. In order to boost his resume, he creates literary magazine.

However, since he’s not exactly on top of the social chain at school, no one apart from his best friend, Malerie (played by the awesome Rebel Wilson), and two male classmates signed on. But, as you’ll soon see, the only reason the latter duo joined was because Carson blackmails them… which leads us to the whole dirty plot of using the student body’s secrets against them to force them to write for him as well.

The movie also features other names you may recognize, like Sarah Hyland, Ashley Rickards, Matt Prokop, Allie Grant, Robbie Amell, Christina Hendricks, and more.

The film will be in select theaters January 11, but cities across the country are hosting a one-night event this Sunday, January 6 at 8pm ET/5pm PT to see the movie and participate in a live Q&A session afterwards with Chris Colfer, who will be at the film’s L.A. premiere. For details on the screenings, go to Can’t wait until then? The movie is also currently available via On Demand, iTunes, Amazon, and Vudu.