Watch Chris Colfer in ‘Struck by Lightning’ Career Day Clip! (VIDEO)

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If you’ve ever been frustrated with your guidance counselor (or any adult really), then you should be able to relate to Chris Colfer‘s character in this clip from Struck by Lightning. The movie, which is also written by the Glee star, is about a high schooler named Carson who blackmails his classmates into writing for his literary magazine. The reason why begins above.

While discussing his future career options, Carson explains that being the Editor of The New Yorker, as well as a published freelancer in The New York TimesL.A. TimesThe Boston Journal, etc. are his main goals. To get there, he wishes to attend Northwestern University upon graduation. However, though he meets all of the requirements, he still hasn’t heard back from his dream college, so he enlists the help of the school guidance counselor. Unfortunately, as you’ll soon see, it might not be as easy as it sounds…

Thus begins Carson’s journey to creating a literary magazine, thereby enhancing the extra-curricular portion of his resume. How far would you go to get into your dream school?

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