Stranger Danger: Paranoid Phone Prank!

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The last time we saw JennXPenn in Target for an episode of Stranger Danger she was falling all over the place, but this time she’s just straight up freaking people out. For this week’s episode she’s doing the classic paranoid phone prank, where she follows people around and basically repeats what they’re doing while she’s on the phone with someone.

Jenn first starts by lingering around a lady who is shopping for comforters, and is chatting about everything she’s doing. To no one’s surprise, the lady seems pretty annoyed! Then, she moves on to a women in the electronic department, and then another woman who is shopping for books.

The last couple of victim’s include guys shopping for kitchen supplies, while her final victim straight up runs away from her! It’s pretty hysterical if we do say so ourselves. At least she didn’t get kicked out this time around! To check it out, watch the video above!