Stranger Danger: Mannequin Prank!

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On the latest edition of Stranger Danger, JennXPenn has found a truly creepy way to troll people in real life. Jenn decided to go to a mall and don one of those colorful full body suits — that covers the face and everything — and pretend like she was a mannequin. Standing super still, she would make just a brief movement as people walked by.

So, how did people react? Well, some just looked over with a “Huh” look on their face and kept on with their day. One man saw her “dancing” and asked out loud, “How much an hour do they get paid for that?” Another group of friends walked by and after Jenn moved they said, “She did exactly what we were talking about!” They then asked if she was doing it for fun, and it looks they had the same idea as her!

For more of the funny reactions — and to see Jenn get in a little bit of hot water! — watch the video above and tune into Stranger Danger every Wednesday at 4 PM ET!