Stranger Danger: Falling Down in Public!

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Is there anything more embarrassing than falling down in public? Yeah, we didn’t think so either. On the latest episode of Stranger Danger, JennXPenn is joined by David Camarena (aka Meghan‘s bro!), and they decide to troll some people by making most people’s worst nightmare their reality.

The (multiple) stunts go down at Target, where they each grab various items — and lots of them. For example, they carry around a huge mound of paper towels, only to fall down in front of the many store goers. However, some people pick up on their little experiment, and have their own theories! An old lady calls them out for falling a second time, and assumes they’re trying to sue Target. LOL!

For more of their hijinks — and the hilarious reactions — watch the video above! Also, be sure to tune into Stranger Danger every Wednesday at 4 PM ET for more hilarious pranks!