Stranger Danger: Fake Shopping List!

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Last week, we saw Stranger Danger’s JennXPenn hitting on random guys using One Direction lyrics, but this week she’s trollin’ people at Wal-Mart! Joined by her pal Alexalosey, they each write down some items on a note pad, switched, and were then tasked with asking workers to help them find those particular items. The only catch? The items they wrote down don’t exist!

Jenn starts things off by asking for victory juice, asymptote, twinkle doodles, mama butter, and more. However, they get busted for filming, and get kicked out! They then try their lucky at a grocery store where Alexalosey asks for stuff like elephant darts and butt acne cream. Props to her for saying all that with a (mostly) straight face!

Does she fall to Jenn’s same fate and get kicked out? Watch the video to find out, and tune into Stranger Danger every Wednesday at 4 PM ET for more hilarious pranks!