Stranger Danger: Dollar on a String Prank!

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Admit it — there’s been one time or another where you’ve fallen for the “Dollar on a String” prank! Since it’s such a simple trick, JennXPenn decided to troll some people by making them believe they were $5 richer — only to have the money ripped away from them at the last second.

So, Jenn tied the money to a string and hid on the sidelines as she watched people fall for it. When people eventually realize it’s just a trick, most of them laugh it off, but everyone’s reaction is different. One guy even apologizes to her!

However, one kid finds his way around the prank by stepping on the $5 bill to keep it for himself! Watch the hilar video for yourself above, and make sure you tune in to Stranger Danger every Wednesday at 4 PM ET!