Stranger Danger: Awkward Prank Phone Calls!

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What’s more uncomfortable than making a prank phone call to a stranger? Making one to some one you actually know! That’s what JennXPenn and David Camarena are testing out in the latest episode of Stranger Danger, and trust us — it isn’t pretty.

For this particular prank, they picked a piece of paper from a hat, and had to say what was on the piece of paper. In addition to that, there was a number on the piece of paper, and the number represented the number person in their contact list they had to call. For example, if it was 11, they had to call the 11th person in their contacts.

First up, David has to call someone in his contacts and ask them on a date! The real kicker — it’s a guy! The friend is a good sport, and even ends up texting him back at the end of the show to say they could hang out!

To see what Jenn had to do for her awkward prank phone call, watch the video above and stay tuned every Wednesday at 4 PM ET for a new episode of Stranger Danger!