Stranger Danger: Awkward Prank Phone Calls Part II!

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Ask and you shall receive! JennXPenn and David Camarena‘s awkward prank phone call video was such a hit the first time around, they they’re doing it all over again! In case you missed it the first time, the basic concept is that they pick a piece of paper from a hat, and had to say what was on the piece of paper.

In addition to that, there was a number on the piece of paper, and the number represented the number person in their contact list they had to call. For example, if it was 11, they had to call the 11th person in their contacts. Also, they don’t put their numbers on private, so the person getting called knows exactly who it is!

First up, David calls his sis Meghan to tell him he’s pregnant! Then, Jenn calls her friend to confess her love! So hilarious! Watch the video above to see more hilarity!

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