Sounds Like… With Strawburry 17: He Is We

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Drumroll please…… I have some exciting news to announce in this week’s episode. I’m launching the Ultimate Music Video Contest on my Strawburry17 YouTube account and if you want to for sure be in the running for some AMAZING prizes, you’ve got to make it into the top four video responses on upcoming episodes of Sounds Like… like this one!

In this week’s episode, YouTuber Americangirl38134 challenged me to Sounds Like… He Is We (and 41 of you agreed and liked the comment!). I bring you… The Icarus Account. Find out more about the band at

Let me know what you think in the comments and get going on your awesome video responses. And a big thanks to CallMeShevy and JasmineDugette for their featured responses from last week’s episode.

Have a band or artist you can’t get enough of? Submit a video response or leave a comment telling me which band you want me to ‘Sounds Like…’ next! Oh, and I also want to see your music vids for this week. DO IT!!!!!!

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