Sounds Like… With Strawburry 17: I Hate This Place

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Nope, that’s not me in my elf costume. That’s my VidCon outfit! Because this week’s Sounds Like… is coming to you from VidCon. But first things first — congrats to this week’s top four contestants in my music video contest, IWantaMocha, BrooklynProduction, Tristramshandyful and Riciawearsboots. Good work, guys! The contest is now closed, but that doesn’t mean the rest of you should stop making music videos. I wanna see them!

This week’s featured artist is I Hate This Place, who have the same electric vibe as Lights‘ music. So watch my version of their song, “Future Girl, Retro Style” above, featuring some of my very special VidCon friends, and be sure to check the band out on Facebook while you’re at it.

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