Sounds Like… Ke$ha: Take the Day

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Today’s ‘Sounds Like…‘ request comes from SupeRs RaRvichi who asked for a band who sounds like Ke$ha. I’ve also noticed a lot of requests for 3OH!3 and since their music sounds similar to me (even though one is a girl and the other is two guys) I decided to combine them into one request.

My response? Take The Day. The band, made up of Adam Devlin, Timothy Wolf, Clint Hancock, Rob Carey and Jon Sodemann, are from Milwaukee, WI and their single ‘Freaks’ is available on iTunes. Or if you like them on Facebook, you can get it as a free download. Enjoy!

And don’t forget to leave a video response — this week’s song pick is a free download so no excuses! Also, leave a comment telling me who you want me to ‘Sounds Like…’ next.

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