Sounds Like… With Strawburry 17: Lancifer

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And here we are, moving right along with the Ultimate Music Video contest on my Strawburry17 YouTube channel. Which means this week I have another top four — 1RedFox2, Laurwal, Tappinhippo and FallonFraser! Congratulations!

But if one of those four isn’t you, don’t worry. You still have two weeks to enter. Just make sure to submit your video responses by Sunday at 6pm PST!

As for the featured artist in this week’s Sounds Like…, I took the request from VampireChick3211 to do someone less girly and less about love and settled on Lancifer. He sounds kinda like Hot Chelle Rae, so I think you’ll be a fan.

Let me know what you think in the comments and get going on your awesome video responses. And make sure to check out Lancifer and download his song, “Top of the World,” for FREE on his official Facebook page!

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