Sounds Like… Coldplay: Andrew Belle

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Wow, so many great responses from last week’s ‘Sounds Like…’ episode! I loved that song just as much as you guys did and decided to make an entire music video for it on my Strawburry17 channel – check it out here.

This week’s request comes from YouTuber GalaxeeFilms who commented, “Sounds like Coldplay! Though… they are pretty hard to copy so… this may be a challenge!”

I’m always up for a challenge and actually have the perfect guy for this… Andrew Belle. His stuff definitely has a Coldplay vibe mixed with The Fray. And here’s an interesting fact — Andrew actually wasn’t allowed to listen to mainstream radio music until high school!

For his song, ‘All Those Pretty Lights’ I decided to make a video that really played with light and light effects. But you can do whatever you feel like for your video response. Can’t wait to see them! Click here for more info on Andrew and make sure to leave a comment telling me who you’d like me to ‘Sounds Like…’ next!

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