Sounds Like… With Strawburry 17: Love Via Dance Machine

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It’s getting harder and harder for me to choose my top four music video submissions each week, so major congrats to this week’s top contenders — TheTwisterTrav, KatieRoseSaysHellos, MattiDal6 and OSMurphyProductions0. You’re one step closer to winning the Ultimate Music Video contest! For the rest of you, you still have one more week to enter. Just make sure your video is in by next Sunday at 6pm PST!

As for the featured artist in this week’s Sounds Like…, I found an electric pop rock band similar to All Time Low called Love Via Dance Machine. Their songs are really catchy and also, their band name is awesome. So download their song, “American Princess,” at their official Facebook page and get crackin’ on your video. Last chance!

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