Sounds Like… Adele: BearCat

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In this week’s episode of Sounds Like…, YouTuber Nancepants17 asked if I knew of an artist who sounds like Adele. A soulful songstress who sounds similar to one of the best voices to come from across the pond in decades? Maybe ever!? Do I know of such a creature?

Indeed I do. Her name’s Renee Yohe and she sings under the incredibly epic name of Bearcat. Her music has the same soulful sound as Adele and her single, Crazy Fishes, was released in February.

Check out my one-take lip dub to Crazy Fishes above. And if you’ve been too shy to leave your own video response due to your possible lack of video editing skills… first, that is silly and two, this is your week! No excuses! Leave your own one-take video response and also let me know in the comments which artist I should “Sounds Like..” next week.

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