Jersey Shore’s Snooki and Jwoww Admit That They’re Beliebers!

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After we interviewed Pauly D about his new Jersey Shore spin-off show, we knew we just had to do the same with Snooki and Jwoww. They’re our faves, after all! So we got the two BFFS into our studio for a chat. In between talk of the show (which premieres tonight, PS!), the girls told us which of the Jersey Shore guys would be the best on a date (hint: not Ronnie), why Snooki’s kinda bummed she’s having a boy (he can’t cheerlead, guys!), and why they’re Beliebers but not directioners. Uh, we guess that’s cool.

Check out the entire interview above, and don’t forget to watch Snooki & Jwoww tonight at 10pm on MTV!

Are you gonna watch the spin-off? Excited to see preggers Snooki in action?

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