Shawn Mendes’ New Music Video will Overwhelm You with Emotions

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Remember when we said Shawn Mendes’ new song “A Little Too Much” was the most overwhelming experiences of our lives? Well, we were apparently wrong, ’cause the track’s music video is about 1000 percent more heart shattering!

In the just-released vid, Shawn’s chilling vocals are put on display as everything else is kept very minimal. The entire video is shot in black and white and features the 16-year-old artist playing an acoustic guitar and singing his heart out to an empty theater. He’s obviously super vulnerable all alone (minus his piano player) on the stage, which makes it the perfect match to the song’s heartfelt lyrics about a girl who’s afraid to ask for help.

There’s not much we can saw about the video other than WOW. If you ever doubted Shawn’s talent or longevity in the industry, we’re pretty sure “ALTM” is going to prove you wrong.

Check out the video above and be prepared for an onslaught of feels!

It’s the Moment All Shawn Mendes Fans Have Waited For!