Shailene Woodley Says Knife Throwing Scene Was ‘Super Fun’

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So, we’ve already heard about (maybe) seeing Theo James‘ butt cheeks in Divergent, but now we’re getting some scoop from Shailene Woodley! The woman of the Comic-Con hour chatted with ClevverTV yesterday about — what else? — Divergent, and the actress who plays Tris only had the best things to say about the upcoming YA film.

When asked about the knife-throwing scene, Shailene said that filming it was nearly as “intense” as the still would suggest, and that it was “super fun” to do. In fact, Shailene had a glass shield in front of her while filming, and the knives people were throwing were only rubber. Phew, we wouldn’t want anything happening to our precious Tris!

The two also chat about stunts, and much more. Watch the interview in full above!