Shailene Woodley Talks Being Homeless on Jimmy Kimmel Live (VIDEO)

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Shailene Woodley‘s name has become somewhat synonymous with a hippie, care-free lifestyle. She shakes hands with her feet, she cures colds with garlic, she wears organic clothing, and she even gathers her own spring water. And, if you weren’t already aware, she lives completely out of one, normal-sized suitcase.

On Jimmy Kimmel Live, the 22-year-old actress, who’s been promoting her upcoming film, The Fault in Our Stars, says of her lack of a roof to live under, “I was only home for 15 days last year and I got home and was I like ‘I don’t wanna be alone. I wanna be with my friends and my family.’ Home meaning LA. So I got rid of everything, so that I could have one suitcase that would be easy to transport between houses and just kind of couch-surf for a few months.”

She continues, “It’s so refreshing and it takes so much stress away when you’re like, “Oh, I only have one pair of jeans to wash… It’s so nice.”

As for the home she was living in, she gave it to her grandma. Aww! For more details on Shai’s comfortable lifestyle, watch the fun interview above!

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