Selena Gomez Is Awesome; Indirectly Calls Justin Bieber A D-Bag (VIDEO)

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Selena Gomez was spotted leaving a dance studio the other day with friends including Francia Raisa and Sammy Droke… and now we know what they were up to. Selena posted this video on her YouTube channel and let’s just say that it’s a pretty interesting choice of song. The song is ‘Everybody Knows (Your Boyfriend Is A D-Bag) by Dustin Tavella and if you need a definition of the d-bag term, click here for an entire article about it.

It may not have been a message to her ex, Justin Bieber. But then again, it just may be. Let’s look at the facts. lunging and cursing at a paparazzi in London, the “late” concert, which he explained on a lengthy Twitter rant. There were also the very flashy fashion statements, the gas mask prank, all the car-related shenanigans and those pesky pot pics. If she was going to publicly call Justin out for bad behavior, now might actually be an appropriate time.

Awesome dance moves aside, what do you think about the video Selena posted? Was it an innocent song choice or a clear message about her ex? And if you’re not familiar with the song, check out the lyrics below. It should also be noted that in the video’s description, Selena thanked the artist for such a “sick anthem.”

Everybody Knows Lyrics

Do you really wanna be with him, girl?
When all he ever does is make you cry
And do you think that you can handle the truth girl
When all he ever does is tell you lies
You know what..

He kisses you but he don’t mean it
And he don’t look into your eyes
And he don’t see the things I see girl
So somebody tell me why..

Your boyfriend is a d-bag
And everybody knows
Your boyfriend is a d-bag
Your momma told you so.

You know he’s got somebody on the side, girl
And the way he talks to us is a sin
He just keep sinnin’ on..
I really think it’s time girl
You quit defending him

You keep telling me things are gonna change
yeah, okay.
Will you could never change my mind.

There ain’t no way around it
you really gotta know
that cover up is sweet but phony got that candy coat
You try to make the truth
Look like it’s something good
and you perform like he’s a star reppin’ Hollywood
I know he said he’s sorry
But I see nothin real
And yet his mouth keep runnin’ track and field.
SO maybe you can help me
understand why you do do do do that!

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