Selena Gomez Definitely isn’t Done Talking About Justin Bieber Just Yet

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There are just four days left until Selena Gomez’s greatest hits album, For You, is released and we have something that’ll make the wait WAY easier — two leaked songs! First up is “Do It,” which quite possibly may be the most sexual song Sel has ever been involved with. From the title, you can probably draw some conclusions about what the premise of the song is. And, you guys, your assumptions are prooooobably right. Here are some lyrics:

“Boy, if I had a choice / If I had my way / Boy, you know we’d do it every single day / I’ll take what I want / And give what I got / To hell with all the rules”

Uhhh, yeah. Moving on…“My Dilemma 2.0” is a re-released track that she did back in 2011 with The Scene, and there’s almost a 100 percent guarantee that it’s about none other than…wait for it…Justin Bieber! “MD2.0” is the perfect accompaniment to “The Heart Wants What It Wants,” which is a heart-shattering track about going back to a bad situation even though you know it’s not healthy. Although the two songs have very different vibes, they both have the same message: Jelena is a never-ending roller coaster ride of drama. You can click here to listen to the full, newly mixed song!

For You will be available to download on November 24, but until then, listen to the tracks above and tell us who YOU think the songs about!

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