‘School of Rock’ Cast Reunite For the 10th Anniversary!

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The band is back together! It might be hard to believe, but the legendary Jack Black comedy School of Rock was released 10 (!) years ago! In honor of the anniversary, stars from the film recently reunited in Austin, Texas last week and performed the same original song they sang at the end of the movie. In addition to the performance, there was also a Q&A with the cast, as well as the film's director, and the film's writer.

In case you haven't heard of it — in which case, you need to drop what you're doing and watch it RIGHT NOW! — we'll give you a little break down. Basically, Jack plays an aspiring rock star who has a bit of a slacker streak, and no money to make his dreams come true. He then poses as his roommate as a substitute teacher at an elementary school to make some money, but ends up recruiting the uptight class to compete in a "Battle of the Bands" with him. And as you can imagine, hilarity ensues!

As you probably know, School of Rock was the movie that helped launch Miranda Cosgrove into stardom! To watch them perform (spoiler alert, they still got it!), watch the video above!

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