Sasha Pieterse’s “R.P.M.” Music Video (LYRICS)

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Seems like Lucy Hale‘s not the only Pretty Little Liars girl dipping her feet in the pool of country music. In fact, Rosewood’s resident biotch, Alison (a.k.a. Sasha Pieterse), just released her second single.

“R.P.M.” is the follow-up song to Sasha’s “This Country is Bad Ass” and it is so NOT reminiscent of her PLL character’s girly demeanor. It’s all about leather, rebelliousness and, most importantly, speed. Watch above, then tell us what you think of the single in the comments!

Fast pace, day to day is the only thing that keeps me sane
Blacktop beneath my wheels, blue moon rising above the hills

Put it in gear, put the pedal down
And I won’t stop til the tank runs out

Turning the ignition, revving up my engine, tearing up the highway of my life
Grinding up my gearbox, skipping all the pit stops, blazing right by red traffic lights
See, some folks like the slow lane… Me? I just need the R.P.M.s
The R.P.M.s, I just need the R.P.M.s

Under the hood, you can hear the sound of a restless heart that can’t slow down
So much horsepower in my hands, baby try and catch me if you can
No rearview mirror, and the brakes are shot, when life gets tough we kick it up a notch


In this crazy race of mine, there’s no such thing as a finish line…


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