EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Sarah Hyland & Graham Phillips XOXO Netflix Movie Interview

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Things seem to be going AMAZINGLY well for Sarah Hyland and Dom Sherwood. After they were first spotted kissing in February 2015, their relationship has been moving incredibly fast. Over the past year and a half, the 25-year-old Modern Family actress and 26-year-old Shadowhunters hunk visited each other on set, got matching tattoos, adopted a dog… Seriously, the couple is too cute for words.

But, just because they’re madly in love now doesn’t mean they started out that way. For starters, she was still dating longtime boyfriend Matt Prokop when they first met on the set of Vampire Academy. And, based on what she told us during the promos for her upcoming Netflix EDM movie, XOXO, she doesn’t even believe in love at first sight!

“I believe in lust at first sight,” she explained. “There’s never really love at first sight… You can’t love someone ’til you know ’em.”

But that’s not the only thing we got to chat about. Alongside her XOXO co-star, Graham Phillips, whom you may know from Ariana Grande‘s pre-Victorious days, Sarah spilled on having low expectations, and being too attached to technology.

XOXO premieres on Netflix August 26 — a.k.a. TODAY! Until you get a chance to watch it, check out our interview with the film’s stars above.
Sarah Hyland’s not the only beautiful celebrity who upgraded from her awful boyfriend: