Saoirse Ronan Wants to Trade Bodies With Beyonce!

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The Host, as per its star Jake Abel, is about a “sexy alien invasion,” where unearthly creatures take over human bodies. So, when Tyler Oakley sat down with the film’s star Saoirse Ronan, we had to ask — who would YOU want to swap bodies with? Well, it looks like she wants to trade bods with Ms. Beyonce Knowles!

When Tyler asked Saorise the fateful question, the Irish beauty replied, “I think I’d probably be in Beyonce’s body. She’s got a great body. For maybe a few dates out of the tour, just so I could ease into it, you know, really enjoy it,” adding that she’d want to hang out with Jay-Z for a few days as well. Did she coordinate with her on screen love interests? Because Max Irons and Jake told us they’d want to be Jay-Z and their adorable daughter Blue Ivy!

While we’re on the topic of her hunky co-stars, Tyler asked Saoirse who she thought was the best kisser of the two, and like a true lady, she wouldn’t reveal her answer! She told Tyler, “They’re both very good kissers. They’re both great kissers, and great actors.”

To see what else these two chatted about, watch the video above, and make sure you see The Host when it hits theaters on March 29!