Kristen Stewart’s ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ Costar Calls Her ‘One of the Ugliest Girls in the World’

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Sam Claflin might have called Kristen Stewart one of the ugliest girls in the world, but he was kidding obviously! We caught up with the British cutie at Arundel Castle in England a few weeks back to talk about his Prince William character in Snow White and the Huntsman and one question we had to ask… ‘Was it hard to pretend like you were in love with the lovely Kristen?’

“Do you know what? It was probably an Oscar-winning performance I think just to try to fall in love with one of the ugliest girls in the world,” he said. “No, she was amazing… like, to look at, so there was no acting involved, really.”

Uh oh, does this mean Robert Pattinson needs to watch his back? Not so. Sam is actually friends with Rob and, even still, he’s engaged to actress Laura Haddock.

Watch the interview above for more details on Sam’s character in the film, including the decision to make him grittier than most fairytale princes — a decision that definitely surprised us and made us really happy. Snow White and the Huntsman is in theaters now.