Ryan Lewis Asks People About Ryan Lewis On The Tonight Show (VIDEO)

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Everyone knows the name Ryan Lewis, but let’s be real — no one actually knows who Ryan Lewis is! So, during a recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Macklemore’s counterpart put music fans to the test.

In the hilarious prank video, Ryan asks unsuspecting city goers questions about the man of mystery. Little do they know the interviewer is actually the subject of the questions, too. In some cases, the person doesn’t even catch on until after he says goodbye! The whole prank is a little bit sad when you think about it, but Ryan is such a good sport we can’t help but crack up during the whole thing. But we still have one question…what exactly DOES he do?!

Check out the full vid above! Would you know who Ryan Lewis was if he came up to you on the street?

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