Ryan Gosling Gives Cutest Autograph Ever!

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Just add this to the “Reasons Why We Love Ryan Gosling” list! Recently, a news anchor L.A. had the chance to interview Ryan in NYC, but was hesitant to go until his 17-year-old daughter Perry insisted he do it. Of course Perry had ulterior motives, and wanted to get an autograph from RyGos for herself. (We would have asked to join in on the trip!)

Not only did Perry get her autograph, but it’s the most witty, charming, and endearing autograph we’ve ever seen. The news anchor told Ryan about his daughter and how much she supports his career, so Ryan wrote to her saying, “Perry, we have to stop meeting this way.” If that doesn’t make you swoon, we don’t know what will! Watch the rest of the video to see Ryan in action!

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