Robert Pattinson Talks Compulsive Lying and Saliva Problems on Jimmy Kimmel Live

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Robbert Pattinson is usually a suave, cool guy, but during his recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live he was anything but calm, cool and collected. R. Pattz was promoting his new film The Rover when Jimmy called him out for being a compulsive liar. The 28-year-old actor by no means denied Jimmy’s allegations, but his reasoning was seriously LOL-worthy. Let’s just say — it involves a problem with his saliva. Umm, what?

And as if Rob’s uncomfortable justifications weren’t enough, he totally knows he’s digging himself into a hole because his face gets beat red! We didn’t think it was possible for Mr. Cool to get so embarrassed!

Check out the video for yourself to watch the mortifying yet adorable interview! We love him!

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