Rita Ora ‘Shine Ya Light’ Video

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Rita Ora is going back to her roots for her newest music video. In “Shine Ya Light,” the singer heads home to Kosovo, and is greeted by a hoard of adoring fans. Not only are they screaming for her while she performs, she walks the streets of her native country with tons of kids as her catchy song plays. How adorable is that?! It’s definitely an uplifting song, with lyrics like:

Hey there rock star
Turn up your radio
I can hear you coming
Starts up the video
You’re still standing
They’ll never knock you down
The beat never ending
Let me hear your heart pound

Eh, ah, eh, ah
Eh, oh, a shining star
Eh, ah, eh, ah
Don’t matter where you are

Watch the video above to see it for yourself, and tell us what you think of Rita’s new video in the comments!

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