Rita Ora Announces “R.I.P.” Featuring Tinie Tempah as New U.S. Single

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Not too long ago, the U.S. was introduced to Rita Ora, a self-proclaimed One Direction fan with the energetic anthem, “How We Do (Party).” But now, the British singer we referred to as a cross between “Rihanna with a little bit of Jessie J” is making a name all on her own (obviously, considering she’s up against Karmin in Rolling Stone‘s Women Who Rock cover battle) with our next favorite jam, “R.I.P.” Technically, it was released in the UK months ago, but Sony’s just announced that, as of yesterday, the track — featuring Tinie Tempah! — is officially Rita’s next U.S. single. (Side Note: If you notice the lyrics and beat similarities between this song and Drake‘s “I’m Ready For You,” good ear. He co-wrote it!)

ORA, her debut album in the United Kingdom, is set to drop on Monday, August 27, while it’s scheduled to hit shelves in the States later this year. So stay tuned!

Watch the music video for “R.I.P.” above and visit to download. Then, just for fun, check out her cover of 1D’s “What Makes You Beautiful.” Do you hear mentor Beyonce‘s influence? It’s uncanny to us!

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