WATCH: R5 Releases Music Video For “I Know You Got Away”

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The good news? R5’s new music video for “I Know You Got Away” is here. The bad news? Fans are SUPER pissed off about it.

While the vid is pretty effing great, it’s missing something major — Rydel Lynch! The 22-year-old sole female member of the group is visibly missing from the majority of the 3-minute video. And, to make things even more strange, she is the one who edited the whole thing together! Maybe it’s a case of humility? Whatever it is, the R5Family are not happy about the lack of Rydel!

Check out the music video for “IKYGA” above and see Rydel’s 2-second appearance for yourself. Strange, right? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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