PWND: Joey & Meghan Play Tony Hawk Pro Skater!

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On last week‘s PWND, Joey and Meghan got physical playing Fruit Ninja with the guys from Smosh Games and JennXPenn, but they’re going old school for the newest ep. Playing Tony Hawk‘s original skating game — Tony Hawk Pro Skater — the rivalry between these two is as strong as ever.

The playing field seems to be pretty level for them on this game, as Joey has never played, but Meghan hasn’t played in years. They pick their skater and their board, and then get to business!

The first round, Meghan narrowly is named the victor, but who ends up winning overall? You’ll just have to watch to find out! And most importantly, who ends up having to pick from the Jar of Consequences? Hint, this week, the loser has to smell the the winner’s armpit for 20 seconds! Check it out above!