PWND: Joey & Meghan Play Sweet Day on WiiU!

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On last week‘s PWND, Joey and Meghan faced off in a game of Temple Run 2, where Meghan was named the victor, and Joey was left having to do the Harlem Shake by himself — in public! However, this is a new week, which means it’s once again anyone’s game, literally.

This time around the duo decided to play Sweet Day on WiiU, and unlike last week where Meghan was the only one who had played Temple Run 2 beforehand, both Joey and Meghan have dabbled in Sweet Day. The plot thickens!

Though Meghan and Joey and both full-fledged gamers, it seems as though they have a little difficulty with this particular game. They each eventually get comfortable and pick up on how to play, but who emerges victorious? And more importantly, who has to choose from the dreaded Jar of Consequences? Watch the video above to find out!