PWND: Super Smash Bros With Smosh Games!

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It’s time for another round of PWND with Joey and Meghan — and the guys from Smosh Games! Last week they took on ghosts in Luigi’s Mansion, but now they’re ready to play some Super Smash Bros.

Things get off to a tense start right off the bat, as Joey picks Kirby to be his character, which annoys Lasercorn since that’s always the character he picks. Then, Meghan makes the declaration that she’s terrible at the game, and then the dudes from Smosh Games say they’ve played it a “few times.” (Insert sarcasm here — they’re practically experts!)

So who ends up winning? And more importantly, who has to chose from the Jar of Consequences? Hint — the loser(s) has/have to do the Tin Can challenge — aka eat whatever is in a random tin can! YUCK! Watch the video above to find out this info and much more!