(Old School) PWND: Let’s Play Operation!

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It’s your lucky day, because all our Teen readers are getting a double dose of PWND! Earlier, we gave you the amazing-ness that is Meghan playing Fruit Ninja with Christina Grimmie, but now we’re getting old school on you!

That’s right, for this episode, we decided to trade in the hi-tech video games of today to play a fun board game of yesteryear! Talk about a Throwback Thursday! Meghan has a slew of guests with her to play this old school game including Alexa Losey, Louis Cole, Steve Kardynal, and her bro David Camarena!

Now, just in case you haven’t played, (which if you haven’t, where have you been?!), the players had 10 seconds to get out  an “orgas” from the patient’s body and they can’t touch the side.

To keep score, whoever gets the most parts wins! So, who is victorious? And who has to choose from the Jar of Consequences? Hint, the loser has to tweet someone telling them they’re cute! LOL! Watch the video above for more!

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