(Old School) PWND: Playing Jenga!

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It’s time for yet another edition of (Old School) PWND! For this week’s episode, Meghan is once again joined by some special guests, including Andrea Russett, JennXPenn, and her bro, David.

For this week’s game, they’re playing what is arguably the most nerve wracking game of all time — Jenga! If you haven’t played, then you probably have a few more years left on your life, but basically the breakdown is there are stacked wooden blocks, and you have to remove them and make the tower higher without having it all crash down.

So, these brave souls decided to play a round of the game, but as usual, the loser(s) has to choose from the Jar of Consequences!  What was this week’s consequence? The loser had to post an ugly pic of themselves on Instagram! Imagine the HORROR!

Watch the video above for more and stay tuned for another episode next week!

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