PWND (Old School): Crocodile Dentist With Ricky Dillon!

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If you thought playing Jenga on PWND (Old School) was intense, that game has nothing on Crocodile Dentist! For the latest round of PWND, Meghan is joined by her brother (once again), and Our Second Life’s Ricky Dillon!

Now, in other versions of the game, players have a set of tweezers that they use to get the croc’s teeth out, but this time around, they just use their fingers. So you know what that means — if they pick the wrong tooth, the croc’s mouth snaps down on their fingers. Ouch!

They decide to play two rounds, with the first being super intense. They get all the way down to two teeth before the first person loses. And we don’t want to give anything away, but the second round ends pretty quickly!

So, who has to pick from the Jar of Consequences? And what task do they have to do? Watch the video above to find out and stay tuned for another episode of PWND next Thursday at 4 PM ET!

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