PWND (Old School): Candyland With Brittani Louise Taylor & More!

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Meghan has made her PWND (Old School) opponents play some pretty tough games (Jenga, anyone?) but this week things are getting a little sweeter! That’s right, for the latest episode of PWND, Meghan and friends are playing (drum roll, please) CANDY LAND! Who didn’t (doesn’t?) love a good round of this fun game?!

This week’s guests include Brittani Louise Taylor, Jen aka FrmHeadToToe, and of course, her brother David. There’s a little bit of confusion when it comes to the whole “pulling cards” thing at first, but they eventually figure it out.

So who is victorious? And who has to pick from the Jar of Consequences? Hint — the loser(s) have to try to recite the alphabet backwards! We wouldn’t be able to do that! Watch the video above for more, and stay tuned for a new episode of PWND next Thursday at 4 PM ET!

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