PWND: Mario Kart For Nintendo64!

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For the latest episode of PWND, Joey and Meghan are going old school! While they’re played a lot of new video games, for this ep, they’re taking on the old classic Mario Kart for Nintendo64.

Before they start playing, Meghan brags about how good she is at the game, while Joey complains that the old pixely screen is hurting his eyes! However, Meghan then quickly throws in that she hasn’t played it in forever. Does she still have what it takes to win it all?!

After that, they pick characters (Joey = Yoshi, Meghan = Toad), and the game begins! Meghan gets off to a pretty good start, but is she able to maintain it?

Watch the video above to see it all go down, and stay tuned for a new episode of PWND next Friday at 4 PM ET!

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