PWND: Joey & Meghan Play Mario Chase!

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We’ve already seen Meghan successfully prank Anthony from Smosh in the first episode of Prank Off, but how will she fair when it comes to gaming against Joey? For their new show PWND, they play video games each other, but that’s not the only fun part. Whoever loses has to pick from the “Jar of Consequences” and do whatever it says!

For the first episode, the duo play a friendly (if you want to call it that) game of Mario Chase on their Nintendo Wii U over at So So Happy headquarters. The game is as about as simple as it sounds — Meghan’s “Mii” is Mario-fied, and Joey has to catch her in just two minutes! Though, he does have the help of some Yoshi carts.

So, who ends up winning? And more importantly — who ended up having to pick from the Jar of Consequences?! Watch the video above to find out!