PWND: Luigi’s Mansion With Smosh Games!

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The boys are back in town — for the latest episode of PWND, that is! A couple week’s ago, The Jovenshire and Sohinki from Smosh Games joined Joey and Meghan (and JennXPenn!) for a couple rounds of Fruit Ninja, but they’re taking on a new game this time. And also, though The Jovenshire is back, Lasercorn is joining in on the fun this time around instead of Sohinki.

For this week’s ep, they all played a little bit of Luigi’s Mansion. You might remember this game served as prank-spiration for Meghan during the first episode of Prank Off, where she got Anthony from Smosh.

Anyways, this fearsome foursome take no prisoners when it comes to playing this game! Oh, and also, a little hint for this week’s loser(s) — they have to switch clothes! All we’ll say is that Meghan ends up have to wear a dude’s clothes — but we won’t say who! Watch the video above to find out, and stay tuned for a new episode of PWND every Friday at 4 PM ET!