PWND: Joey & Meghan’s Kinect Sports Duel!

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Meghan and Joey are switching things up a bit for the latest episode of PWND! Over the last of couple weeks, they’ve been playing games such as Sweet Day and Temple Run 2, but this week they’re getting interactive by playing around with Kinect Sports.

Joey starts things off with a round of volleyball, but it’s not your typical game. If you’ve played Kinect before, you know that it’s not just your hands you can use in the game, but your feet and head, too. It hints you when you need to use which body part, and for the first round, Joey got a score of 16. Then it was Meghan’s turn, where she got a score of 22!

However, just because Meghan won this particular battle, doesn’t necessarily mean she won the war! To see what other games they played and who ends up having to choose from the Jar of Consequences — they have to call their mom and sing The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song! — watch the video above!